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Strategies to Influence Your Compensation Committee

The dynamics between HR leaders, their boards and compensation committees are constantly changing—with complex relationships, competing priorities and external pressures impacting how these groups communicate and ultimately collaborate to ensure the overall success of a company. Two renowned experts with extensive experience in this space discussed how these roles have evolved, as well as strategies HR leaders can use to form more productive relationships with their compensation committees.



  • A compensation committee cannot run effectively without strong support from HR professionals within the organization. It is critical that together they build a strong, trusting relationship through transparency and by listening to one another.
  • Compensation committees have seen an expansion of their traditional responsibilities to now include talent, pay equity, culture, diversity and other ESG metrics that may previously have been addressed solely by HR.
  • HR professionals must share their expertise and insights with the board and compensation committee, and offer perspectives and solutions backed by data and other information, when asked.