Ayco InnerCircle®

The Expanded Focus on Employee Experience

To stay competitive, employers are increasingly tailoring the benefits solutions they offer to the personal needs of their workforce and their company culture. Especially in the area of Financial Wellness, both employers and employees are looking beyond educational resources to solutions that allow action in the moment on a variety of priorities.


  • Organizations need to understand that an employee’s financial wellness impacts their life beyond the balance of their checking and savings accounts. In fact, it can make a difference to their mental and physical health.
  • Employers are reallocating their budgets from travel and expenses and in-office entertainment to new ways to invest in their employees’ futures, from helping them address student loan debt to helping them plan for retirement.
  • Benefits are fueling the employer brand. It has been a challenging time to hire, so for companies to distinguish themselves from competitors they need to have a suite of interesting and differentiated benefits to attract top talent.
  • Employers are increasingly tying benefits to social responsibility and DE&I initiatives.
  • Ayco’s Financial Wellness offering is about equity, not equality. As a benefits provider, Ayco offers programs, like SurvivorSupport®, that are applicable to everyone across the organization, but also offers tailored programs designed for diverse employees at different levels in that organization.