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The Expanded Focus on Employee Experience

The events of 2020 have drastically impacted both the employee experience and effective methods of employee engagement. As a result, the role of leaders who manage both is changing.

To explore this evolution, the Chief People Officer of LinkedIn, Teuila Hanson and the Chief People Office of Nasdaq, Bryan Smith join Ayco Goldman Sachs Regional Head, Dheepu Nambiar to discuss the importance of emphasizing an empathetic, people-centric approach in their organizations.


  • LinkedIn and Nasdaq transformed the CHRO role into a Chief People Officer (CPO) role in a conscious shift toward employee advocacy, empathy and an enhanced employee experience
  • How valued employee resource groups helped their people stay connected and supported problem-solving during the pandemic
  • Steps taken to manage a new normal—LinkedIn created a new resources portal for managers battling emotional stress, while Nasdaq provided assistance in setting up home offices
  • Increased employee interest in wellness programs, such as no-meeting days, mental health webinars and meditation sessions
  • Building a playbook for the future of work to help make quick decisions rooted in the company’s values