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The Rise of Digital Financial Wellness

In this webinar, we discuss the most common financial issues we're seeing from employees across Corporate America, data-driven strategies to keep employees engaged and the value employers receive from their digital financial wellness initiatives—all through the lens of Ayco's new Financial Wellness digital platform. Speakers include Goldman Sachs Managing Directors Nancy DeRusso and Sonali Divilek. 

Past webinars
Election outcomes and the pandemic

With Election Day behind us, critical Senate runoff campaigns underway in Georgia and COVID-19 cases again on the rise, HR professionals are turning their attention to the impact a Biden administration will have on the workplace.


Listen as we share our perspectives on the path forward from Ayco specialists Jon Barber, Senior Vice President, Compensation & Benefits Policy Research, and Maria Romano, Vice President, Tax Policy & Research.

Investing in employees with care benefits

Millions of Americans have had their child, elder and other care needs upended by the COVID-19 pandemic—but forward-thinking companies have long been focused on how to support their workforce with additional care options to improve productivity and reduce financial stress.


Listen as guest speakers from IBM discuss how they implemented new care benefits to prioritize the health and wellness of IBM's employees.


Our own Kathy Barber, Vice President, Benefits & Compensation, shares child care benefit trends from across Ayco's partners in Corporate America. 


Guest speakers:

Joanna Daly - Vice President, Compensation and Benefits, IBM
Jaqueline Oliveira-Cella - Director, Global Pensions and Ancillary Benefits Design, IBM

The State of Executive Compensation in 2020

This webinar covers perspectives as companies review their executive compensation provisions in the current environment and make critical decisions over the second half of the year, including:


  • The COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on executive compensation
  • Say on pay and pay equity issues
  • How the focus on diversity and inclusion is influencing compensation design


Guest speakers

Ani Huang - President and CEO, Center On Executive Compensation - Senior Vice President, HR Policy Association


Michael Perloff - Managing Director & Global Head of Executive Compensation, Goldman Sachs

Compensation, Assistance and Other Employer Considerations

In this webinar, we discuss employer considerations stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, including:

  • Executive compensation reduction complications
  • State income tax issues for telecommuters
  • IRC §139 Qualified Disaster Relief Payments and Employee Charitable Relief Funds
  • Equity compensation strategies in a down market
  • Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Plans

Returning to the Workplace

As employees across America start transitioning back to the office, there are many considerations for employers surrounding the return to the workplace. In this webinar, we cover several employer considerations, including:

  • How companies can prepare workspaces for the return to the office
  • New scrutiny for planning travel and events
  • Thought starters for communicating the “office return” experience


Guest speakers

Anthony Cammarata - Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

David Wells - Partner, Prosek Partners

Corporate: Difficult Decisions

In this webinar, we explore the difficult options facing companies, including:


  • Benefit considerations associated with furloughs and layoffs
  • Voluntary separation, early retirement and common benefit package “incentives”
  • Preserving culture in a challenging environment

COVID-19 Response with EBRI

We recently spoke to Employee Benefits Research Institute's (EBRI) Lori Lucas on their research into retirement adequacy and emergency savings and the release of EBRI's retirement confidence survey.


Guest speaker

Lori Lucas - President & CEO, Employee Benefits Research Institute

COVID-19: Cares Act impact with Jon Barber

In this webinar, we address retirement plan considerations stemming from the CARES Act.

  • Required minimum distribution changes
  • Retirement plan coronavirus-related distributions and hardship distributions
  • Loan provision changes
  • Non-qualified Deferred Compensation (NQDC)
  • Rules on adjustments to company contributions
Discussion with Goldman Sachs CHRO

On April 3, we spoke with Goldman Sachs CHRO Bentley de Beyer on his first months at the firm and thoughts on navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Guest Speaker

Bentley de Beyer - CHRO, Goldman Sachs

COVID-19: Washington Update

What you will hear on this webinar:

  • The federal government's coronavirus response 
  • How the latest government measures could affect employees


Guest speaker

Chris Gaston - Senior Policy Director, Davis & Harman LLP

Corporate: Guidance in uncertain times

What you will hear on this webinar:

  • How Goldman Sachs’ corporate communications responded to COVID-19
  • Broad corporate and benefit themes we’re hearing from employers
  • Common questions we’re hearing from employees
  • What executives are asking our advisors and how to guide them during this time

Guest speaker

Andrew Williams - Managing Director, Corporate Communications, Goldman Sachs

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