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Discover your tax personality and stress less this tax season

Individuals 01.27.2022 5 MIN

Ever wondered what your tax habits say about you? Find out in this quick quiz—and get some personalized tips to help take the stress out of tax season.

Discover your tax personality

When tax season rolls around each year, are you confidently leading the charge or reluctantly wading through paperwork?

Let’s find out! Look at each category (row) and pick which sounds most like you. Keep track of your points. 


When it comes to taxes, I…


4 points

3 points

2 points

1 point


Take charge for myself (and my family)

Generally get stuck doing the filing and planning

Am filing for the first time this year (or the first time in a while)

Don’t do the filing or planning


Feel comfortable and don’t have many questions

Have some knowledge, but often have questions

Will definitely be looking for help/ using a tax service

Hand over my paperwork


Have little to no stress

Experience some stress

Feel pretty stressed and overwhelmed

Don’t feel stressed. I’m not involved


File as early as I can

Wait a little bit to file, but not too long

File at the last minute

Don’t make decisions


Have a good idea of what I owe or will receive

Look at what I owed or received last year and can make a decent guess

Have no idea what I’ll owe or receive

Trust my family member knows


For informational purposes only.


If you scored…


Jump to your tax personality for more information about how an Ayco coach can help you through tax season.


The DIY Champ

Tax filing and planning is no sweat for you. You’re confident you’re making the right decisions—you know the paperwork you need and have a good understanding of how it all works.


Tips from Ayco coaches:

  • Work with us to look for additional ways to save. There could be benefits or strategies you aren’t taking advantage of. Schedule an appointment to get the conversation started.
  • Consider charitable donations.
  • Attend upcoming live Ayco webinars or get tax tips on-demand. If your company is hosting Ayco tax planning webinars, be sure to hold your spot!
  • Understand the pros and cons of receiving a refund. Don’t give Uncle Sam a free loan. Read our quick article Taxes: Refunds are not always your friend.


The Reluctant Accountant

Somehow, you got stuck being in charge of the family taxes, but you do your best. Here are some tips from Ayco coaches to help you stay on track:


The Newbie

You’re either new to tax filing and planning responsibility or it’s been a while since you’ve had to lead the charge—but you don’t have to go it alone. An Ayco coach is here to help. Here are some tips to get you started:


Happy Bystander

You hit the tax season jackpot—someone else does your family’s taxes! You know the paperwork they need and provide it, but aren’t really involved in filing or planning.

Tips from Ayco coaches:


If you have Ayco as a company benefit, register or log in to connect with a coach and learn more about our tax planning resources.