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Top five blogs of 2019 for HR professionals

Employers 01.09.2020 2 MIN READ


HR professionals find useful and actionable thought leadership on Ayco Insights. Here, we detail trends and developments across the benefits and compensation spectrum. These five articles were the most widely read by our corporate HR audiences in 2019.

  1. The hidden costs of uncoordinated benefits

    Made in partnership with Mediaplanet, this infographic graphically highlights the potential costs—to both employers and employees—of low engagement in employee benefit programs. See the infographic

  2. 2019 Executive benefits survey

    For nearly 30 years, Ayco has conducted a biennial survey of executive benefits and perquisites as a benchmark for Corporate America’s constantly changing landscape. Results of our survey this year, in conjunction with recent editions, suggest executive benefits continue to have a place in a competitive executive compensation package—with consideration for shareholders’ perception of benefits. Download the survey now

  3. The true costs of financial stress: More distracted, less productive employees

    Money is the second-most cited cause of stress according to a Stress in America™ survey, with 62% of respondents reporting feeling stressed about money.1 See how this prevalent stress translates into lower productivity for employees and how a financial wellness benefit can make a change for the better. Read the article now

  4. The top five benefit trends for 2020

    Ayco’s Jonathan Barber—senior vice president, Tax Policy & Research—is a subject matter specialist in compensation and benefits. This article explores the top five benefit trends that he is currently observing in Corporate America. Read the article now

  5. Beyond cash compensation: A new way to think about executive benefits

    Executives represent one of the company’s greatest investments, both in compensation and corporate reputation. Yet, they also present a significant risk in terms of lack of time to focus on the business, attrition, and regulatory and reputational issues. This article explores how a high-impact executive financial counseling program can mitigate risk and provide return on investment. Read the article now

1American Psychological Association, 2017, Stress in America: The State of Our Nation. Stress in AmericaTM Survey,

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