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The Superbloom in M&A activity post-2020

Employers 02.02.2022

Goldman Sachs has seen a “superbloom” of corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and separation activity as companies re-evaluate and reimagine their businesses in these uncertain times. In this session of The Daily Check-In, David Dubner, global head of M&A structuring in Goldman Sachs’ Investment Banking Division, discusses what’s driving this activity, and trends he sees.

  • Larger organizations’ M&A and separation activity is particularly strong; those with many business segments are thinking about simplification.
  • Tax-free spin-offs and spin-mergers may create a powerful opportunity to divest businesses.
  • Firms are thinking about their need for scale on a multinational level.
  • Private equity and SPACs are novel ways to divest.
  • The macro environment is very conducive to M&A and corporate-separation activity, which Dubner anticipates should remain around current levels for “some time.”




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