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Summer Review, Fall Preview

Individuals 09.08.2023 2 MIN

Are your employees thinking about their investments for the rest of the year? Check out our Summer Review, Fall Preview report recapping key economic and financial market news from the summer, and outlining the Goldman Sachs Wealth Management Investment Strategy Group’s (ISG) expectations for the rest of the year on the US economy, fixed income and equities.

Key focus areas for investors for the remainder of the year continue to be US economic data, Fed policy and the risk of recession. Within this report, we discuss:

  • Highlights from July and August
  • US economic outlook (recession odds; inflation; monetary policy)
  • US fixed income outlook
  • US equities outlook
  • Risks to ISG outlook
  • The benefits of taking a long-term view when it comes to investing


Read the rationale behind ISG’s views and why they recommend clients stay invested in a well-diversified portfolio at their long-term strategic asset allocation in Summer Review, Fall Preview.

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