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2021 Top 5: Most read articles for HR professionals

Employers 12.03.2021 2 MIN

The results are in! Here are Ayco’s most-read articles for HR professionals in 2021.

#5: Survey: Company-sponsored financial planning emerges as a leading employee benefit

With historic unemployment rates and economic volatility, the COVID-19 pandemic has led millions of individuals to worry about how they were going to pay for basic necessities like food and housing. In response to this crisis, employers are taking on a bigger role in their employees’ financial wellness, finds an Ayco study of companies across Corporate America.

#4: Use company benefits to enhance total employee wellbeing

Historically, “employee wellness programs” have focused on benefits related to physical health. Forward-thinking employers have evolved the definition in recent years to reflect a more comprehensive approach to employee wellbeing including physical, mental, emotional and financial health. Benefits to employers who take this holistic view can include reduced employee stress, improved productivity and lower turnover.

#3: 2021 Executive Benefits Survey

Take a look at the findings from our latest Executive Benefits Survey of companies across Corporate America. For HR leaders and board compensation committees focused on attracting and retaining top talent, it is clear benefits and perquisites still hold an important place in a competitive executive compensation package.

#2: What employers should know about implementing COVID-19 vaccine policies

Mandating a COVID-19 vaccine policy is a hotly debated topic among human resource professionals across Corporate America. Ayco’s Compensation & Benefits Policy Research team helps weigh the options for you.

#1: Insights from Ayco InnerCircle 2021: The Role of the Employer in the New Paradigm

After a year of unprecedented health, social and economic challenges, a new paradigm is emerging for employers and the role they play in the lives of employees, and society at large. The HR industry’s top professionals and thought leaders convened at our virtual Ayco InnerCircle® conference to discuss how employers can meet the demands of their stakeholders—through the lens of compensation, benefits, talent and culture. Explore key insights from the conference.