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Market tools for ESG

Employers 04.26.2022 1 MIN

Sustainability is becoming more of a driving factor for companies and investors alike. Exchanges at GS spoke with Sarah Lawlor, chief operating officer for the Sustainable Solutions Council in Goldman Sachs’ Global Markets Division, to discuss how financial firms can help their clients who are interested in pursuing an ESG investment strategy.

Key takeaways

  • People tend to think about ESG and sustainability in a few ways:
    • Integration—basing their financial decisions on risks and opportunities
    • Thematic investing—investing with the aim of making an impact
  • ESG funds are becoming more popular, but it’s hard to say what’s driving this within the context of other economic factors
  • ESG investing is becoming more profitable. Investors no longer need to anticipate lesser returns
  • The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) showed growing private sector commitments around Net Zero goals
  • Goldman Sachs’ new Carbon Analytics Platform lets clients analyze their investments while measuring and managing carbon emissions
  • Accounting for the bias toward companies in developed countries in ESG scoring
  • It’s imperative to listen to younger voices because they’re attuned to future themes and opportunities



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