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InnerCircle 2022: Changes upending the employee benefit landscape

Employers 06.22.2022 2 MIN

Goldman Sachs Ayco’s Jonathan Barber, Vice President, Compensation & Benefit Research, explored the regulatory and legal changes impacting the current landscape of employee benefits. His analysis was framed through the lens of how companies can best meet the needs of their workforces and activate their full potential.

From June 8–10, HR leaders from across Corporate America gathered together at the InnerCircle conference to discuss key strategies for maximizing potential at their companies. In a fireside chat, Jonathan Barber, VP, Compensation & Benefit Policy Research, Goldman Sachs Ayco Personal Financial Management explored changes upending the employee benefit landscape.

During this session, Jonathan focused on the latest rules and regulator changes in top-of-mind areas for HR leaders, including issues related to remote/hybrid work arrangements, inflation, cryptocurrency, and state laws. Jonathan also provided a brief overview of how Goldman Sachs Ayco can provide unique support to companies and executives as they navigate these changes—especially around 10b5-1 plans.


Key Takeaways

  • Inflation, valuation and regulatory scrutiny are major concerns for companies considering offering cryptocurrency compensation options—tread lightly.
  • The threat of tightening the 10b5-1 rules has long been discussed. Those discussions now seem to be coming to a head.  
  • About 1/3 of states are watching the Washington State Cares Fund, with an eye toward implementing similar programs. This could be a game-changer for both long-term care and taxes. Companies with employees based in Washington state need to pay careful attention to the current program.
  • Changes could be coming that would allow employers more options to help employees facing student loan debt through benefit and compensation offerings.
  • When it comes to the W-4, there’s a big education gap. Employees don’t necessarily think of large refunds as a negative. However, they are in effect giving an interest-free loan to the government when that money could do more for them in each paycheck.


The threat of tightening the 10b5-1 rules has been out there for a while and it now seems to be coming to a head.” 

—Jonathan Barber


As benefit and compensation laws continue to evolve, companies must keep up, or risk noncompliance and potential financial repercussions. Goldman Sachs Ayco’s Compensation & Benefits Policy Research team keeps a close eye on legislative and regulatory updates to keep our corporate partners and their employees informed.

For more insights from InnerCircle on employee benefits, visit the InnerCircle website. Questions or interested in learning more about how Goldman Sachs Ayco can help your company stay on top of these changes? Contact us