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Watch: Goldman Sachs Monthly Spotlight | March 2023

Individuals 03.06.2023

For this month’s Spotlight, we’ll be looking ahead to the March Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting, tracking shifts in market sentiment in light of fourth quarter earnings, and watching ongoing debt-ceiling negotiations. Mariam Kamshad, head of portfolio strategy for Goldman Sachs Personal Financial Management, joins us again to review:

  • How Jerome Powell’s comments after February’s FOMC meeting contributed to revisions in rate-hike forecasts;
  • The fact that, despite recent underwhelming S&P 500 returns, Q4 earnings indicate lower expectations have already been priced into markets;
  • How positive numbers in consumer and industrial sectors may signal an encouraging trend; and
  • Expectations of how debt-ceiling negotiations are likely to play out in Washington.


We hope you enjoy this window into our thinking about the evolving state of markets and the economy.


Mariam is head of portfolio strategy for Goldman Sachs Personal Financial Management


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