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InnerCircle 2022: The future of workplace mental health

Employers 06.27.2022 3 MIN

Employee mental health has been recognized for decades as an area that requires support by employers during an employee’s time of need. With the rise of digital health innovations and the acceleration of mental health adoption during the pandemic, proactive workplace investments in mental health are going mainstream.

From June 8–10, HR leaders from across Corporate America gathered at the InnerCircle 2022 conference to discuss key strategies for maximizing potential at their companies. In a fireside chat, Jodi Bryant, Chief Commercial Officer of Headspace Health, discussed the future of workplace mental health with Lauren Uranker, Head of Corporate Relationship Management at Goldman Sachs Ayco.

During their conversation, Jodi explored trends in proactive mental wellness, technology’s role in expanding access to mental health services, and her insights and recommendations on ways employers can help maximize employees’ mental and general physical well-being, which can boost productivity.


Key Takeaways

  • Employees and employers see mental health as a new priority in benefits offerings. When evaluating how to best support the mental health of their workforce, employers must consider issues such as burnout, work-life balance, personal finances and physical health. New sources of stress are emerging and impacting diverse employee groups differently.
  • Jodi cited findings from Headspace Health’s 2022 Attitudes Towards Mental Health Report that 81% of employees believe their employers have a responsibility to help them manage their mental health. Employees today are re-evaluating how—and if—they should show up in the workplace.
  • Physical health is deeply tied to mental health, and vice versa. According to Jodi, employees who used Headspace for 8 weeks reported a 46% drop in depression and 31% reduction in anxiety when compared to a wait-list control group.
  • To retain top talent, companies need to deliver on a culture of mental health and compassionate leadership. For leaders, this means not only investing in mental health benefits, but ensuring that their culture empowers people to show up fully as themselves with psychological safety at the forefront.
  • One of the biggest issues in mental health today is timely accessibility. It is typical to wait 1-2 months or more to get an appointment for in-person care. Digital mental health tools can facilitate connection to a mental health coach in seconds. If therapy is needed, the coach can help individuals find a therapist that matches their needs. Headspace Health believes that digital solutions are key in democratizing mental health and well-being.


Happier, healthier people are more productive employees.” 

—Jodi Bryant, Chief Commercial Officer, Headspace Health


Part of maximizing potential for employees is minimizing stress and creating an environment where employees feel supported. Employers should consider offering digital solutions that enable workers to quickly access mental health support and help reduce anxiety.

For more insights from InnerCircle, visit the InnerCircle website. Have questions or interested in learning more about how Goldman Sachs Ayco can help support your employees’ mental health? Contact us.