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Financial Awareness Day: Your financial wellness guide

Individuals 08.01.2022 3 MIN

National Financial Awareness Day on August 14 may be a lesser-known holiday, but it's an important one. This year, celebrate by spending a few minutes gaining clarity, control and confidence over your finances with some of our top financial wellness resources.

Feeling stressed about your finances?

You’re not alone! According to our financial wellness assessment data, only 9% of respondents reported feeling “very confident” about their financial future.1 In this article, we’ve provided resources on the ways that our financial wellness coaches can help you minimize your stress and maximize the value of your benefits. 

Source: Goldman Sachs Ayco’s Outcomes Report, April 2022. Summarizing the responses to the Ayco financial wellness assessment during the period of April 2021-March 2022.

Hoping to invest, but don’t know where to start?

We all have to start somewhere. This article gives you the rundown on stocks, answering the what, why, who, where, when and how. Once you feel like you’ve got those down, reach out to a financial wellness coach to talk through your options and considerations. 


Not sure of your tax personality?

Knowledge is power—and knowing your approach to taxes can help you stress less during tax season. Are you a DIY Champ, a Reluctant Accountant, a Newbie, or a Happy Bystander? Take our quick quiz to find out.


Struggling to find balance?

Having multiple financial priorities can be hard for anyone. Every day, our coaches help people like you align their financial life to their priorities and responsibilities. Read this article for real-world examples and to learn about strategies like debt pyramiding. 


Thinking about retirement?

Retirement isn’t only a consideration for late in your career, but something to start thinking about today. Check out our guide to retirement planning for all ages for helpful tips, regardless of where you are in your retirement timeline.


Want to learn more about leveraging an HSA or FSA?

Your well-being is important—and benefits enrollment is right around the corner. We’ve pulled together FAQs about HSAs and FSAs so you can focus on your health, and not the financial ramifications of medical care. Talk to a financial wellness coach about how one of these savings accounts can fit into your full financial picture.


Planning for a loved one’s higher education costs?

We gathered statistics, tips and answers to education savings questions about 529 education savings plans—a popular investment vehicle for saving for a loved one’s qualifying education expenses. Check out this deep dive into the world of 529s, with quotes and videos from our financial wellness coaches.

Wherever you are financially—whether today is your first day of your first job, or you’re a week away from retiring—our financial wellness coaches are a partner in your corner. They can provide personalized and objective guidance to help you make your benefits work for you

If you have Goldman Sachs Ayco as a company benefit, register, log in or download our Goldman Sachs Wellness app to learn more about this and other financial wellness topics.


1Goldman Sachs Ayco’s Outcomes Report, April 2022. Summarizing the responses to the Ayco financial wellness assessment during the period of April 2021-March 2022.