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Cyber Security Threats in the "New Normal"

Employers 09.23.2020 1 MIN READ

As many companies look to implement long-term—or even permanent—work-from-home policies going forward, employers need to be aware that Coronavirus scams and the increase in work-from-home have made everyone more susceptible to fraud and cyber security threats.

Employers can help prevent identify theft by protecting employees before the theft occurs. Identity theft protection is an especially important benefit for employers to provide at this time. Not only can it help to protect sensitive employee and company data, it can also help preserve the reputation of both the employee and employer.

Over 40% of Ayco’s corporate partners provide identify theft protection as a voluntary benefit. Many also provide ID protection discounts through their Employee Assistance Programs. Some of the more common providers in this space are InfoArmor/Allstate Identity Protection, LifeLock and ID Watchdog.

When evaluating an identity theft protection provider, check if their services include these key features:

  • Active personal information monitoring
  • Network protections such as VPN’s and multi-factor authentication
  • Restoration coverage, including dedicated U.S. based specialists and expense protection for reimbursement of stolen funds and costs associated with ID recovery

With cyber threats on the rise, it is important to keep employees informed of the potential risks to themselves and the company. Regular communications can help employees stay aware of the latest scams, phishing schemes and fraudulent websites.

For more information, please review Goldman Sachs’ Cybersecurity – Personal Guidance 2020.




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