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3 steps toward financial wellness in 5 minutes or less

Individuals 05.25.2022 2 MIN

Short on time but looking to make progress in your financial wellness journey? You’re in luck! In just five minutes or less, you can take each of these three easy steps toward feeling more confident about your full financial life.

Take a crash-course on education funding 

School might be out for summer, but it’s always a good time to think about education funding. Student loan debt in America is currently over $1.7 trillion.1 This 4-minute guide can give you a solid foundation for your education funding decisions.

If your company offers Ayco as a benefit, you can schedule a call with a Financial Wellness coach—in less time than it takes to order a coffee. Your coach can talk you through the college-funding process and help you minimize your stress.


Double check your retirement plan

Have you thought about your retirement plan recently? Use the next five minutes to check your account and review your retirement budget to make sure it matches your needs! Getting ready for retirement now means focusing on what matters most to you when you retire. Schedule a session with a coach for support that takes your full financial life into account.

Not sure where to start? Check out this overview of what to expect when talking with a Financial Wellness coach about your retirement. 


Get to know your benefits

Annual benefits enrollment is approaching! Our coaches are trained on what your company offers so they can give you personalized advice. Get ready for annual enrollment by reading this 3 minute article and calling a coach.

If you have Ayco as a benefit, scheduling a coaching session is a great step you can take toward maximizing your return on life. All you need to do: log in and click to schedule at a time that’s convenient for you, at no-cost-to-you.

1Hanson, M. (2022, April 10). “Student Loan Debt Statistics.”


If you have Ayco as a company benefit, register, log in or download our Goldman Sachs Wellness app to learn more about this and other financial wellness topics.