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2021 Retirement Survey & Insights Report


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Individuals 03.28.2022 2 MIN

How Americans view and plan for retirement is evolving. Goldman Sachs Asset Management’s annual retirement survey and insights report reveals key trends in retirement planning and highlights what individuals need from their retirement plan.

Key takeaways

  • About half of respondents were employed and between the ages of 21 and 56. The rest were retired and age 60+
  • 51% of retired survey participants left the workforce earlier than expected
  • More than 75% of working participants had financial obligations like debt or student loans that impacted their ability to save for retirement
  • Leaving a steady paycheck was the top concern for retired respondents leaving the workforce, highlighting the importance of helping individuals understand how their savings will translate to future paychecks in retirement
  • The analysis on gender and age illustrates how individual preferences and different financial circumstances impact retirement savings and planning
  • Top concerns from retired respondents were their future healthcare needs, possible reductions in Social Security and rising inflation


Watch a summary of the report

Source: Retirement Survey & Insights Report 2021, Goldman Sachs Asset Management


Read the full report to learn more about Americans’ retirement trends in 2021.



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