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Download: 2021 Executive Benefits Survey

Over 30 years ago, Ayco began surveying our clients across Corporate America to uncover trends and insights on the common incentives offered to senior leaders.

As America navigates the COVID-19 pandemic, a new paradigm is emerging for the role employers play in the lives of their workforce, in our communities and society at large. The accompanying heightened focus on company culture, ESG and DEI are all contributing to increased responsibilities and expectations of executives. Yet remarkably, even despite a worldwide pandemic and continued shareholder scrutiny, the results of our survey show little has changed when it comes to executive benefits offerings. This is true whether comparing the results to our last survey in 2019 or surveys we have completed over the last 20 years—and the conclusion is backed up by the ever-changing list of participants in our survey (which featured a number of new voices this year).

For HR leaders and board compensation committees focused on attracting and retaining top talent, it is clear benefits and perquisites still hold an important place in a competitive executive compensation package.

For more, watch Ayco’s Jonathan Barber, the head of our Compensation and Benefits Policy Research group, discuss the survey results in this on-demand webinar.


All individual responses are confidential. Survey results are based on the aggregate responses of all participants.

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