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Support your employees and their families when they need it most—following the loss of a loved one.

SurvivorSupport shows your employees you truly value them.

Through this unique benefit, our advisors bring expertise and empathy to help your employees or their surviving family members manage the financial implications of losing a loved one.

Providing SurvivorSupport is a reflection of your company’s values. It demonstrates to your employees that you care and are committed to going above and beyond if their family suffers a tragedy.



families supported since 1989*



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*As of January 1, 2024

Losing a loved one is difficult enough. Managing finances doesn’t have to be part of the burden.

SurvivorSupport provides personal financial planning from a dedicated, trained advisor and at least six months of follow-up support to your employees or their loved ones (a spouse, non-spouse or other survivor). We can help survivors navigate through a crisis by:

  • Sifting through notifications and important documents to streamline the financial implications of a loss

  • Creating a personal financial plan checklist

  • Providing estate planning/settlement and insurance guidance

  • Addressing short- and long-term cash flow concerns

  • Assisting with company benefits and understanding changes

  • Explaining obligations and priorities

  • Offering tax- and Social Security-planning assistance

Our advisors leverage expertise across Goldman Sachs to help those left behind gain clarity, confidence and control over their financial decisions. We partner with your benefits team to help employees or their surviving family members navigate your company’s offerings and policies—reducing the questions directed at your team.

How your company benefits from SurvivorSupport

Partner with us to support your human resources and benefits teams, help mitigate risk, demonstrate compassion and generate goodwill among your workforce.

Our SurvivorSupport advisors:


Provide guidance on financial challenges and field concerns that otherwise would be directed to your human resources and benefits team.


Help grieving employees return to work more focused.


Empower survivors to take action on your company benefits.


Generate appreciation for the support your company provides.

Extend your company’s support beyond traditional benefits.

SurvivorSupport can make your people feel valued and create a more dedicated and productive workforce.

How your employees benefit financially from SurvivorSupport

State-specific guidance

Assistance navigating unique estate-settlement considerations for your state.


Potential cost savings

Organization can help survivors save on attorney and court fees.


Asset transfer

Better understand how to access and transfer assets and how to handle the deceased’s debts.


Tax considerations

We can help the survivor make informed, tax-efficient decisions.


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