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Group Education

Enhance your employees' financial wellness with group education

The employee experience

Empower employees to take control of their finances through tailored education that provides clarity around company benefits and a detailed, forward-looking action plan.

A human connection

Our speakers add real-world and personal experiences to each session.

Life Events

Personalized education

Our sessions are informative and engaging, including tools and resources to help employees create a solid financial foundation.

Actionable next steps

Employees are empowered with specific takeaways to encourage prosperous financial decisions.


Group education: What’s missing from your DEI mission

Financial wellness to support your diverse workforce.

A broad range of financial topics

We partner with companies to deliver educational content covering the specific needs of their employees.


Financial Wellness series

To achieve financial wellness, employees need a solid understanding of major financial planning disciplines.

This series helps educate employees on budgeting, debt management, saving, investing, planning for retirement, estate planning, taxes and more.

Diversity and Inclusion series

The unique circumstances facing underserved groups often require specific instruction that addresses culture, lifestyle and systemic inequities.

This series can help companies fulfill social responsibility goals by offering financial group education focusing on historical context, representation and action.


Topical series

Topical financial seminars provide relevant education on the issues affecting employees. New seminars are released quarterly, based on the needs of the employee populations we serve across Corporate America.


Career-stage series

The career-stage seminars meet employees where they are in their careers, providing education in financial areas most relevant during the major phases of life.

Virtual Group Education is available

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we pre-recorded topical seminars to help alleviate employees’ financial concerns.

Group education components

Targeted instruction

Our group education is based on company benefits and a variety of subjects, from big-picture, holistic views of financial wellness to specific topics.


Live sessions

Employees can learn at their own pace through live sessions and access to an on-demand library.


Workforce insights

Responses to live polls and post-webinar surveys provide HR and benefit teams with insights on the needs of their employee population.

Complete your total financial wellness benefit with Group Education.

Meet a few of our speakers


Sharon Joseph, Financial Coach - NY


Radek Pawlak, Financial Coach - NY

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