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Financial Resources in the Workplace

Help your employees achieve financial wellness

The benefits of Goldman Sachs Ayco's workplace financial planning program; help create a more productive, financially well and engaged workforce.



of Americans are too worried about their finances today to think about planning for the future.1

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Enhance Employee Productivity and Focus

We provide expertise and resources to help create a workforce that is less stressed about finances and more focused on driving business.

Optimize Benefits and Compensation

Acting as an extension of your HR and benefits team, we help to increase awareness of your company’s compensation and benefits.

Navigate Risk

We apply a holistic approach to corporate risk management by assisting in adherence to company procedure, regulatory policy and tax laws.


We provide financial planning and education for every career stage to achieve financial wellness


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Financial education and guidance for every career stage—from people entering the workforce through retirement. Our approach focuses on your employees achieving financial wellness through sustained engagement and an improved understanding and utilization of your company's compensation and benefits. 

Benefit to the company:

  • Reduced stress, absenteeism and healthcare costs can lead to increased employee productivity
  • Feedback and insights on employee utilization and behavior
  • Integrated workforce planning

Designed specifically for emerging leaders experiencing a greater level of financial complexity as their careers advance. Goldman Sachs Ayco provides strategies to help build wealth, protect assets and make smart decisions about an expanded array of compensation and benefits programs.

Benefit to the company:

  • Help retain emerging leaders
  • Improved understanding and utilization of increasingly complex compensation and benefits
  • Extension of the benefits team, providing insights on the employee population

Designed to address the financial complexity of your senior executives. Goldman Sachs Ayco provides proactive, comprehensive planning and guided implementation delivered through a one-on-one relationship.

Benefit to the company:

  • Help give valuable time back to executives that can be used to focus on the business
  • Cultivate a deeper appreciation for executive compensation and benefits
  • Assist with navigating corporate risk on tax, regulatory and reputational issues

Sophisticated solutions to streamline the intricate financial lives of high net worth families. Goldmsan Sachs Ayco helps save time and offers peace of mind through service provider coordination, advanced risk management and legacy preservation strategies.

Families at the highest complexity levels may have:

  • Multiple investment providers
  • Multiple entities (foundations, partnerships, funded trusts)
  • Alternative investments
  • Multiple homes
  • Domestic employees
  • Private travel fleet

Multidisciplinary approach

Financial planning discussions vary depending on the financial counseling program offered.

AYCO corporate benefits  

Benefits and Compensation

Education on all benefit plans to drive optimization and utilization

 AYCO personal finances  

Cash Management

From budgeting and debt management to forecasting liquidity needs and long-term wealth accumulation

AYCO retirement  

Retirement Planning

Integration of benefit plans, from 401(k) contribution considerations to sophisticated modeling of spending and wealth accumulation

AYCO taxes  

Tax Planning and Strategies

Review of opportunities to navigate tax obligations, from deductions to withholding sufficiency and preparation of income tax returns2

AYCO Small investments  

Investment Planning

Comprehensive assessment of risk and return with the aim of strategic portfolio construction

 AYCO Insurance  


From identification of insurance needs to actively mitigating exposure to risk across tax, regulatory and company policies

AYCO Estate  

Estate Planning

From education and guidance of the creation of basic estate documents to tax-efficient wealth-transfer strategies

Why Goldman Sachs Ayco?

Our experience

Our exposure to hundreds of public and private compensation and benefits plans across America allows us to provide financial counseling in an ever-changing landscape.

Our advisors and coaches

Our people provide objective and confidential financial planning, and they benefit from ongoing education throughout their careers.

Our comprehensiveness

We apply multiple financial disciplines to every decision and coordinate across relationships, acting as an extension of existing service providers.

Our technical expertise

Our internal subject groups provide support in the areas of investments, benefits and compensation, insurance, tax policy, estate planning, training and development.

One-on-one coaching sets Goldman Sachs Ayco apart



Corporate programs3


Of the Fortune 100 advised3


Years providing financial planning

Additional services to integrate in your program


We offer specialized financial guidance in times of personal crisis and loss. SurvivorSupport brings an empathetic touch to financial planning at a time when individuals and families are overwhelmed with difficult decisions.

Group Education

In-person and online group education engages employees in all areas of financial planning, including entering the workforce, starting a family, caring for aging parents and retirement readiness.


Goldman Sachs Ayco Marketplace is the next evolution of our digital platform, enabling employees to move seamlessly from education to action, with carefully curated products and services.

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1Based on a Marcus by Goldman Sachs survey of over 1000 consumers in early 2019.

2Tax preparation services vary and are dependent on company program.

3As of December 31, 2020.