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Specialized guidance to help you or your family navigate financial decisions after the loss of a loved one.


Personal financial planning through a dedicated advisor—when you need it most

SurvivorSupport, a benefit offered through employers, provides specialized guidance to help you or those you love navigate personal financial decisions during a time of grief.

Our SurvivorSupport advisors can coordinate with human resources teams, your family’s attorney, accountant and insurance agent and brokers, to simplify financial planning at a time when you or your family may feel overwhelmed with difficult decisions. Our goal is to provide a sense of stability and a forward-looking personal financial plan, with an empathetic touch.

Supporting survivors as they manage tough decisions after losing a loved one

Our trained specialists leverage expertise across Goldman Sachs to help those working through a tragic loss gain clarity, confidence and control over their financial decisions.


One-on-one sessions

When ready, you or your loved ones are connected to an advisor who specializes in helping families through these difficult situations. Our advisors understand the financial decisions that need be made, and how to design a plan to make them.




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Personal financial plan

We’ll provide a personalized action items checklist that outlines next steps, and helps to prioritize planning topics to be discussed during the follow-up portion of the service.





Manage Wealth

Follow-up support

Our dedicated team is there to provide support and answer questions for at least six months (terms vary by plan). During and after this time, you can also work with a Goldman Sachs Personal Financial Management advisor to design a comprehensive financial plan based on your unique goals and receive ongoing guidance.*

SurvivorSupport advisors provide one-on-one financial counseling on company benefits and a wide range of topics, including:

Employee benefits

  • Life insurance and possible uses for proceeds
  • Retirement accounts including 401(k)/403(b) and/or pension
  • Stock accounts including stock options, RSUs, ESPP, ESOP
  • Health care considerations and COBRA


Social Security and Medicare

  • Understanding death and survivor benefits and taxation
  • Understanding the impact of working while receiving benefits
  • Understanding Medicare and what plans may be appropriate



  • Identifying life insurance coverage needs
  • Identifying disability insurance coverage needs
  • Updating auto and homeowner’s/renter’s insurance


Education funding

  • Understanding the cost of higher education
  • Evaluating different savings vehicles
  • Incorporating education funding goals into a comprehensive financial plan

Estate settlement

  • Understanding probate and if it applies
  • Deciding whether to use an attorney
  • Understanding how assets pass and how debts may be resolved


Income taxes

  • Identifying what returns need to be filed including estate and inheritance tax returns
  • Understanding the impact of decisions


Retirement/long-term cash-flow planning

  • Determining income needs in retirement
  • Identifying sources of income in retirement
  • Understanding what changes, if any, may need to be made in order to meet retirement goals


Estate planning

  • Understanding what makes up an estate
  • Learning how advanced directives play a part of an estate plan
  • Identifying next steps to create an appropriate estate plan

Benefits of working with a SurvivorSupport Advisor

  • State-specific guidance

    Assistance navigating unique estate-settlement considerations for your state.

  • Potential cost savings

    Organization may save you on attorney and court fees.

  • Asset transfer

    An advisor can help you access and transfer assets and handle any debts left behind.

  • Tax considerations

    Tax-efficient decisions can help you get the financial support you need.

  • Take action

    Develop and implement a comprehensive, personal financial plan.


If you have access to SurvivorSupport and want to speak with an advisor, please reach out and let us know to connect you with the SurvivorSupport team.

Other services

Once your affairs are in order, we can connect you with a Goldman Sachs Personal Financial Management financial advisor to support your and your family’s goals over the long term.*

* Financial planning and other fees may apply when working with a Goldman Sachs Personal Financial Management advisor. For a complete description of all charges and fees, please see the Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC Form ADV Part 2A or the Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P. Form ADV Part 2A or The Ayco Company, L.P. Form ADV Part 2A – Investment Management Services, available upon request.