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Personal Planning

A financial benefit that meets the needs of increasing financial complexity

Financial guidance specific to your benefits and your goals

Balance your financial priorities

We help you assess where you are in your financial journey and align your priorities—taking both work and home into account.

Optimize your benefits

As the complexity of your finances grows, we take the time to help you understand the nuances of each new benefit and opportunity so you get the most out of your total compensation package.

A trusted advisor

As you and your family’s needs evolve, we serve as a reliable source of advice that understands where you’ve come from and where you’re going.

Start your journey to financial confidence

Program components

Dedicated wealth advisor

Your dedicated wealth advisor is available to support with education, advice and guided implementation through one-on-one discussions.

Personal financial plan

Prepared annually, this plan organizes your personal finances with goals and actionable steps to meet them. This report includes a life insurance sufficiency analysis, retirement readiness assessment and an income tax projection.

Digital experience

Receive access to Goldman Sachs Ayco's digital platform where you can aggregate your holistic financial information into a single dashboard and track progress against goals over time.

Integrate all aspects of your financial life

Guidance on core financial planning disciplines

Benefits & Compensation

  • Make the most of your company benefits and compensation
  • Guidance on distribution elections, stock options, restricted stock strategies and deferred compensation
  • Beneficiary designation planning


Cash-Flow Strategy

  • Debt management strategies
  • Building an emergency fund
  • Guidance on mortgage financing and education funding


Retirement Planning

  • Retirement cash-flow model
  • Retirement readiness assessment
  • Benefits and compensation integration and elections





Tax Planning

  • Tax planning and income tax projections
  • Tax-saving strategies
  • Stock vesting tax implications and state withholding considerations



  • Integration of equity and benefit plans with overall portfolio strategy
  • Creation of asset allocation for portfolio
  • Guided implementation of investment strategies



  • Evaluate sufficiency of life insurance coverage
  • Review property and casualty, excess liability, disability and long-term care insurance needs


Estate Planning

  • Review need for appropriate documents including will, trust, Power of Attorney
  • Review asset ownership and beneficiary designations

Work with Us

Additional services

Investment management

Access to a range of investment solutions and market insights. Self-directed or managed portfolios available. 


Access to a broad range of income, accumulation, and wealth protection and transfer planning solutions.


Simplify your finances with cash management services and lending programs to enhance liquidity and flexibility.

Additional fees may apply.