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Ayco’s internship program ranked one of the largest in NY's Capital Region

Update 03.12.2020 3 MIN READ


In 2019 Ayco was ranked second in the Albany Business Review’s list of the Largest Internship Programs in the Albany Area. The firm welcomed 131 interns across the country who represented 53 schools and 21 majors. In the Capital Region alone, 337 interns participated in Ayco’s program from 2016 through 2019.

“We partner with our business leaders and training coordinators to make the best experience for our interns,” explained Sheri Lyons, senior vice president (SVP) for Human Capital Management. Ayco interns get hands-on, real-world experience that helps them develop their skills and build on the knowledge they’ve gained in their degree programs.

Watch the video below to learn more about Ayco’s 2019 interns and their experiences in the program.

Ayco Intern Video 2019


Intern projects

From the Financial Counseling business, responsible for providing holistic financial wellness services to clients, to the National Tax Group, tasked with preparing taxes for clients, the interns have the opportunity to learn about the company as a whole while supplementing their education in specific areas and departments. With both support and room to flex their creativity, interns participate in projects that have a real impact on Ayco’s business.

Margaret Russo, a member of the 2019 intern class, helped design the InnerCircle Conference recap eBook. “Maggie worked in tandem with our designers on the eBook, using and expanding her knowledge of marketing tactics and design. She participated in discussions around design decisions and played an integral role in their implementation,” said Cassandra Lyons, vice president in Ayco’s Brand Strategy and Communications department.

Interns interact with Ayco leadership

In addition to their regular work, interns are encouraged to develop their “personal brand” through elevator pitches framed by the question, “If you ran into the CEO on an elevator, what would you say about yourself?”

The elevator pitch project was woven throughout the program and culminated in the chance to use the pitches with senior Ayco leaders while volunteering at the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Capital Area as part of the firm’s Community TeamWorks program. During this event, interns got to speak with Ayco CEO Larry Restieri and other leaders while contributing to the firm’s 2019 Community TeamWorks goal of 150,000 hours of service in honor of Goldman Sachs’ 150th anniversary.

During an event at the end of the summer, 15 interns presented projects they worked on during the program to Ayco’s executive committee. Interns also had the chance to learn from a panel of five Ayco employees about how they navigated their career journey.

Recruiting interns

Ayco’s intern recruiting program is extensive. Over 240 Ayco associates return to their alma maters to meet with potential interns and discuss the opportunities at Ayco. These alumni recruiters come from more than 80 colleges and universities across the United States.

As a former intern himself, Colin Hughes, project manager in Ayco Business Intelligence, relishes the opportunity to return to his alma mater, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), to recruit future interns. “Candidates light up when they find out I’m an alumnus and some even ask for advice on handling certain professors and classes,” Hughes said. Connecting with students in this way generally opens the door for more poignant conversations, allowing him to “pinpoint a specific team the candidate will thrive on and pass along their resume.”

 Former interns, professors and other college professionals have also been a driving factor in the Ayco internship program’s growing notoriety. “Everyone at Siena raves about Ayco,” said Katelyn Morley, a financial counseling intern this past summer in our Latham office. “My professor encouraged me to apply.”

Universities interested in bringing an ambassador to their campus can contact Ayco’s HCM department. To review internship opportunities, click here.

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Tara Ryan
Senior Vice President, Brand Strategy & Communications