Our History

Ayco was incorporated in 1971 by William Aydelotte and James Conway ("Ay" and "Co"), entrepreneurs who were acquainted with a large number of executives who were charged with achieving corporate goals and increasing shareholder value. These executives had little time to understand and navigate their complex and sophisticated company benefits and compensation plans and integrate them with their estate, investment, income-tax, risk-management and cash-flow/retirement plans. Many had a bevy of advisors, but few aspects of their financial planning were well-coordinated or integrated. We filled this void by becoming their trusted advisors.

We remained privately held until 1983, when we were acquired by one of our corporate clients, The American Express Company. The infusion of capital and name recognition allowed us to grow our business.

In December 1994, under the leadership of senior management, The Ayco Corporation underwent a management buyout, forming The Ayco Company, L.P.

In July 2003, we were acquired by The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. The fit between our firms reflects a shared culture of absolute professionalism and passion for client service.